World Rider's Network

The goal of the World Rider's Network is to create a place where we can all talk, share our motorcycle experiences, and connect with others from all across the globe through our common bond of motorcycles; regardless of what you ride, regardless of your riding experience, and regardless of your native language.

The WRN is aimed at getting bikers together via any means possible. This means we would ideally have more than one medium of communication. Along with a web forum, Tumblr, and a Facebook page, we would like to produce a magazine of a sort. This magazine would have coverage of rides and events that have effected the WRN or involved members of the WRN in some way. This magazine would be a huge team effort, with the vast majority of all content coming in directly from our members, and left as unedited as possible while creating reading material that can be wide spread.

Our hope is to embark on a California to New York City and back in about a three week period on motorcycles, as a sort of initiation of the WRN. What we need to make this successful are enthusiastic and willing business owners, fellow bikers, bike enthusiasts, and just friends in general that will help us along the way to make the trip possible. That is really the emphasis of the WRN. Bikers helping bikers wherever they go. We are a community with great potential when the divisions of brands and riding style are removed. If you'd like to contribute to our first WRN venture, have a business that you'd like to promote that's motorcycle related, or you'd just like to ride along for a part of the way, let us know! We'd be ecstatic to bring in as many other bikers into this project as we can.

Best regards,

Your Partners at the World Riders Network (Nick and Marc)




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